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In the case of multiple applications, there is a function that allows for the registration of personal information beforehand (shared personal information registration) in order to save input time.
It is also possible to input personal information for each application when carrying out settlement procedures, without entering the shared personal information registration.


■ The Examination Settlement Process

1. Basic Information ・・・ Check messages from the school or available payment methods before clicking the "Next" button below to continue the application process.
2. Application Content Selection ・・・ Please select the application content and enter the required information.
3. Application Content Detail ・・・ The application information that has been selected or entered will be displayed, please check if there are any errors.
4. Application Procedure ・・・ Please enter the personal information necessary for the application procedure. Please read About Our Handling of Personal Information, and you may continue the procedure after agreeing.
5. Content Check ・・・ The application information that has been entered will be displayed, please check if there are any errors.
6. Confirmation ・・・ A reception number will be issued, please store it safely. The reception number will be required when checking the application content or outputting necessary documentation.
7. Payment Procedure ・・・ All information including the reception number will be displayed, please check if there are any errors. After checking, please continue with the procedure following the guidance on the screen. Required information for payment will be issued at this time, please store this safely and complete the payment using the payment method selected at the application.If you are in outside of Japan, you can only pay by credit card.
[Note] The issued information will also be sent to the e-mail address that has been entered.

(Supplementary Notes)

For those requiring a proof of payment seal for application documents

[For the application fee only]

・・・ Those who require a proof of payment seal for application documents can print and make use of the Proof of Payment for the Examination Fee from the payment or application content confirmation screen after payment is completed.
[Note] Whether or not a proof of payment seal for application documents is required differs with each university. Please check the guidelines of the university you are applying to.



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If you cannot log in correctly from the "Confirm application details" link in the payment completion email,

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